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Best Govt. Approved Luxury Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab by Umang Foundation

Our compassionate staff of therapists and counsellors at Best Luxury Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab by Umang Foundation, assist you in overcoming all of life’s challenges. By receiving a treatment plan that is tailored to your unique situation, you may rediscover the joy of living life to the fullest.

You can use the resources at our luxurious rehabilitation centre in Punjab to assist you to pinpoint particular problems with mental health and fitness. This enables us to offer the best treatment plan with observable outcomes. We have developed a tranquil and opulent environment in a wellness resort that is unique. Your treatment for detoxification, addiction recovery, and mental health disorders will be completed with the assistance of this USP.

When you Google “best luxury rehabilitation centre in Punjab,” there are no other alternatives to consider. Best Luxury Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab by Umang Foundation is the wellness expert because of its committed workforce and successful track record.

At Umang Foundation Rehabilitation Centre, we provide wellness retreats to those who have made steps to overcome addiction and mental health-related disorders. We do this by understanding these people’s mindsets from the ground up and caring for them in a luxurious setting with a team of professionals. We extend a helping hand to everyone who wants to break free from any type of addiction and serve as their support system until they are fully recovered and able to appreciate better things in life. We feel that it is a practice for individuals who choose the path of recovery from any type of addiction and mental health illnesses since it helps one’s mind become calm.


Why Umang Foundation, Best Luxury Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab?

  • Location: Being surrounded by greenery, the climate, and clean surroundings all play a significant role in healing and rehabilitation.
  • A holistic approach to recovery: We think that treating the underlying causes of addiction and mental health issues is preferable to merely suppressing cravings. This is accomplished with the aid of therapy, food, and other physical activities like meditation, nature walks, and so on.
  • Customized Treatment: Because each person is unique, the recovery programme is built around taking into account each person’s preferences and life decisions in order to maximise their chances of success.
  • Friendship, Support, and Care: Reminders of the bad times are the very last thing someone who is recovering from addiction and mental health conditions needs. We give those who have made the decision to leave their issues behind and offer our hands to the finer things in life the most assistance and attention possible. We only accept a limited number of applicants so that we can provide our clients with individualised service and a home-like


Goal of Best Luxury Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab by Umang Foundation


To de-stigmatize and remove stigmas related to mental health and addiction. We hope to do this by creating a holistic community and a personalised treatment plan that promotes healing and recovery.

to build a broad base that would extend our influence and enable us to welcome those in need and provide them with individualised, compassionate care.


Punjabi Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The comprehensive treatment facility is surrounded by nature. You may anticipate the perfect location to recover from addiction, stress, and problems from pollutants spread across acres of beautiful nature. At our wellness recovery centre, you have a variety of lodging alternatives to select from. Depending on your preferences, they come in suite, deluxe, twin, three, or six-person rooms.


Say hello to a luxury and compassionate treatment programme that has one goal in mind: to help you regain your mental health for improved mind-body harmony.


Therapies For Calming the Mind, Body, And Spirit

View a list of the therapies we provide at our alcohol treatment facility in Punjab.


  • Movement therapy and art therapy
  • Meditative Circling the organic and medicinal garden
  • Animal Therapy
  • Imaginative Activities
  • seeing birds in their natural environment
  • Massage and Music Therapy at a Spa
  • Fishing
  • Cycling

At Best Luxury Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab by Umang Foundation, these treatments allow the healing process to be accelerated by nature.


Why our centre is the best choice for your healing and introspective objectives?

At Best Luxury Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab by Umang Foundation, we employ techniques including psychodynamic psychotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy. We serve as your confidant in this way. We assist you in kicking the habits that keep you from being a better “you.” Your complete recuperation will be supported by the beautiful surroundings of our scenic setting in Nature. This is another illustration of our attempts to create a complete environment that will hasten self-healing. Our efforts work together to increase the level of internal well-being you experience.

We are aware that every person’s rehabilitation process calls for a unique strategy and individualised direction. Our expertise in mental health and wellness therapy helps us to smooth out the route as much as we can. We combine techniques like dietary changes, outdoor hikes, and meditation. In this way, you might witness a better “you” arising from within. Eliminate the causes of your life’s misery by being one with the cosmos.


Our team of mental health and wellness professionals is our most valuable resource for promoting overall healing and personal development. They are the empathetic authorities you require to completely remodel your mind and body. We combine our years of education and experience using strategies for mental well-being. The drug addiction treatment centre’s programme of healing does wonders for your recovery. They are chosen with your unique condition and treatment strategy in mind.

The need to run from reality and become involved in a web of addiction and substance misuse is no longer necessary. Accept the gift of life by embracing total recovery with thorough therapies guided by Umang Foundation‘s skilled wellness practitioners.

At Umang Foundation, your go-to rehabilitation facility in Punjab, you may find a kind, empathetic, and reliable wellness advocate. To learn more about how to re-calibrate the trip we call “life,” get in touch with us.