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Umang Foundation is a India Best Nasha Mukti Kendra that has been working in this field for a decade. We are committed towards delivering right treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in North India. Best and reliable treatment is provided for drugs and alcohol addicts. Integrated and best medicines are provided with no side effects after the treatment. Dedicated team of doctors are there with professional background and experience. 24 hours of service is offered to get rid of any type of addiction. As one of the best rehabilitation centres, our patients are provided counseling to avoid drugs or alcohol addiction….


Our Treatments


Alcohol addiction

Alcohol consumption has been found to be typical at parties, gatherings with friends, or family gatherings….


Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a big problem today that is starting to affect many people. Various communities have always struggled….


Detox Treatment

The treatment that involves psychological and medicinal removal of toxic substances from the body is known as detox treatment….


Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin addiction is the common addiction among people. They consume for their own pleasure and to feel happy….


Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many people who have been given a diagnosis with a substance use disorder (SUD) also have a coexisting mental or behavioural issue….


Yoga & Meditation

Coming Soon…!


Why Choose Us

We are amongst the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab as our Centre Located in Patiala City with competitive Rates and Best in the Class Deaddi ction Treatment and World Class Facilities, few other reason are as follows

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Provide Best Treatment For Addiction

De-Addiction treatment center for addicts in Punjab provide a 12-step course for recovery, with every passing step, patients easily recognize changes in themselves. It is quite a troublesome process for patients as they experience withdrawal symptoms but it is not impossible.

Customer Feedback

Have got my brother admitted here. I am satisfied with the treatment philosophy, atmosphere, professional knowledge of staff and most of all the confidence to heal every addicted person. I would recommend it. It’s a place where you can get dopamine restored to normal.

Praveen Mishra

Praveen Mishra

“When I first met Callie Britt I began a journey of self-discovery of challenging how I perceive myself in all my relationships in life both past and present and future ones. I now approach people and situations with new hope.

Casey & Christina

Casey & Christina

They provide best treatment to the patients. Their behaviour towards the patient isvery good. They treat them like a family.

Sukh Sandhu

Sukh Sandhu

Individual, Couples and Family Counseling.

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