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Nowadays, addiction is a huge problem that has gotten out of hand. But it’s important to realize that this isn’t a moral issue for the person in question. In every step of the process, stigma and labels must be eliminated. After admitting that one is addicted, receiving support from loved ones is a crucial stage in the recovery process. You can speak with our de-addiction expert in our De-addiction Centre Or Nasha Mukti Kendra if you want to discuss a specific issue.

Detoxification is the first step in the rehabilitation process, which is where addiction ends. De-addiction refers to a method of treating tobacco, alcohol, or drug addiction. It is designed to eliminate the physiological side-effects of addictive substances and to counteract any damaging effects that may have on how well the body functions. In an effort to improve human health, we at Umang Foundation work to make the process of quitting addiction as simple as possible.

You should seriously consider de-addiction if your drug usage is out of control or causing issues. Your chances of making a full recovery are higher the sooner you seek care. Consult your doctor or a mental health professional, such as an alcohol and drug counsellor who is certified or a doctor who specializes in addiction medicine or addiction psychiatry.

Set up a consultation with a de-addiction specialist of our De-addiction Centre Or Nasha Mukti Kendra if:

  • Drug use is impossible to stop.
  • Despite the harm the substance causes, you continue to take it.
  • Due to your drug usage, you have engaged in risky behaviours like sharing needles or having uncovered intercourse.
  • You stopped using drugs, and you believe you may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms.


Methods of De-Addiction
  • Rehabilitation psychology helps addicts reintegrate into society by researching the process of de-addiction. Treatment facilities at our De-addiction Centre Or Nasha Mukti Kendra provide a variety of sorts of therapy to lower drug use.
  • Due to the widespread belief among users that those who are not hooked and do not understand what they’re going through, group therapy in our De-addiction Centre Or Nasha Mukti Kendra is always the preferred therapeutic strategy to deal with addiction problems. In certain circumstances, it is crucial to have support from a group of individuals who have experienced what they have.
  • In order to help the person understand how their loved ones feel and to remind them of their unwavering support, family counselling is also crucial. It’s fascinating to see how some rehab facilities also employ horse therapy, which focuses on patient engagement with horses to support their emotional and occupational growth.
  • Rehab facilities like Umang Foundation also provide collaboration and life skills in addition to therapy. Along with the weekly scheduled personal therapy sessions, additional medications are also provided to treat addiction.

De-addiction is a subject that must be approached from several angles. At Umang Foundation, you can find the best answers to your search for nearby treatment facilities in De-addiction Centre Or Nasha Mukti Kendra. We believe that patients should receive comprehensive physical and mental support up until they are able to function independently. We operate several highly regarded de-addiction programs on a national and worldwide level to achieve this. Our de-addiction centre provides a tranquil environment for our patients to unwind and continue receiving treatment in addition to these activities.