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All nations are affected by the problem of drug addiction. According to reports, drugs cause a significant number of accidents each year. Drug use is also contributing to an increase in violence. Given that North India is the region that is most affected by this issue, this study aims to identify the causes of drug addiction in this region. Science has established that addiction is an illness, and in addition, the World Health Organization recognized addiction as a disease in the 1970s. Therefore, it becomes important to seek out appropriate treatment in order to overcome addiction. The best rehabilitation centre in Himachal Pradesh like Umang Foundation features a highly qualified multi-disciplinary faculty and team, including medical professionals, pre-clinical researchers, social scientists, research assistants, nurses, lab technicians, and administrative staff, who can provide a range of healthcare modalities. Inpatient, outpatient, and community clinic settings all offer clinical care. Disorders associated with the use of any substance, including alcohol, opioids, cannabis, tobacco, etc., as well as behavioural addictions, can be treated with help.


Contrary to popular opinion, addiction of any form is neither a vice nor undesirable behaviour. It is a psychiatric condition. The notion that addicts have a choice is at the centre of how most people perceive addiction. In actuality, it is a chronic disorder marked by an obsessive want to use drugs despite their negative effects. A patient who needs professional assistance to recover from addiction is one whose life is spiralling out of control. Both pharmacological (i.e., using drugs) and non-pharmacological (i.e., psychological/social) treatments are available as therapy options. Drug misuse is a major threat to society. Drug abuse increases the likelihood of unintentional harm, accidents, domestic violence, health issues, and death. The economic potential of drug addicts is significantly hampered. They either fail to join the workforce or, even if they do, leave the organization with absenteeism and other problems. Relationships with family, friends, and society are impacted personally. Low self-esteem and hopelessness can both contribute to criminal behaviour and even suicidal thoughts in people who use drugs.


Work Flow at the best rehabilitation centre in Himachal PradeshUmang Foundation

Drug abuse treatment at the best rehabilitation centre in Himachal Pradesh i.e. Umang Foundation which is both medically aided and drug-free is offered, as well as long-term supervised medication use (maintenance therapy with buprenorphine, methadone, and naltrexone). To track health damage, the centre performs the necessary haematological and biochemical laboratory testing. When addiction symptoms first appear, most people tend to ignore them; however, this attitude, later on, becomes a significant problem. Any addiction to a substance is hazardous, and overall substance consumption is rising. Try a variety of methods, such as contacting doctors, engaging in religious rituals, consuming the goods advertised in classified ads, etc., to get the addict out of your life or the life of a family member who is an addict. In all of that, enrolling the patient in the best rehabilitation centre in Himachal Pradesh is the most tried-and-true solution. It is important to distinguish between drug abuse and drug addiction before we delve further into the problem of drug addiction in India. A drug abuser, who does not always qualify as an addict, is someone who uses illegal drugs. An individual who is dependent on drugs and will use any means at their disposal to consume drugs is said to be an addict. A drug user’s quality of life has also been significantly reduced, and in order to recover and resume leading a regular, healthy life, they may require urgent medical care and psycho-social rehabilitation.


Step-by-step procedures are used in the best rehabilitation centre in Himachal PradeshUmang Foundation
First Step –

When a patient is accepted into a recovery programme, the first phase is the detoxification stage. All poisons that were present in the body as a result of substance use are eliminated at this stage. This stage is important because the biological hunger only goes away when the body has been cleansed of pollutants. The personnel must provide patients going through this period extra attention and care because the likelihood of withdrawal is highest at this time.


Second step –

Following successful detoxification, the patient is integrated into the daily schedule of the rehabilitation facility. This schedule consists of things like yoga, meditation, exercise, regular meals, indoor sports, meetings, and entertainment.


Third Step –

Each patient is examined by the mental professional assigned by the centre once they are entirely at ease with the daily schedule at the best rehabilitation centre in Himachal Pradesh i.e. Umang Foundation. This is done to assess people who are recovering from addiction for indicators of depression and their mental health. Only if necessary are medications supplied following an assessment. The patient’s general and private sessions with the counsellor take place concurrently. Patients discuss their difficulties during these sessions in an attempt to address any issues that may have contributed to their addiction.


The fourth phase is the most crucial since it is where all the patient-related effort is reflected. The patient is assigned chores to complete at the rehab facility in this step. This is done to help the patient build his or her confidence.


Drug addiction has an impact on families in addition to the substance user. The family members are subjected to severe financial burdens, mental anguish, and social repercussions. The entire family is impacted, and frequently, individuals become hopeless or despondent as a result.


We must define the differences between drug abuse and drug addiction before we can better understand the problem of drug addiction in India. While not always an addict, someone who uses illegal drugs is a drug abuser. A drug addict is someone who depends on drugs and will use whatever means at their disposal to consume drugs. A drug user also has a substantially diminished quality of life and may require emergency medical care as well as psycho-social treatment in order to recover and resume leading a regular, healthy life.


To sum up, the best rehabilitation centre in Himachal Pradesh such as Umang Foundation offers their patients the best treatment that is humanly possible and guides them to a carefree life.