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The word rehabilitation is used with a negative connotation but what it simply means is to recover lost energy and to heal the body from disease. If the individual is already in use of frequent dosages of substance, it tends to become one of a kind of addiction which needs to be treated as soon as detected. The rehabilitation centres usually are the place to be treated, isolated from the eyes of society and this is where the best rehabilitation center in Haryana is. The Umang Foundation has been among the torchbearer when it comes to leading the best rehabilitation centre in Haryana.

Alcohol is amongst the most primitive addiction an individual can come across if not substance abuse. Alcohol abuser is typically admitted while they are in the later stage of alcohol addiction, which is when it becomes far too difficult to cure an individual however the possibility increases multi-fold to be cured through the Umang foundation flagship program of the Best rehabilitation centre in Haryana. Casual interest and peer pressure are also the primitive causes of addiction to the drug which is basically why we have so many youngsters losing their youth, the abuse substance becomes an addictive source for the individual making him rely on the substance for everyday usage which tends to then starts affecting with the neurology of the brain. Gurgaon, Delhi and Noida are the epicentres of drug abuse and Umang Foundation with its flagship of the Best rehabilitation centre in Haryana.

Fundamentally, rehabilitation was founded on the philosophy that tends to speak for every individual which has the inherent tendency and right to be an expert in their own stream of curing health within their own capacity. Umang Foundation with its highly decorated facilities has honestly surpassed institutions and NGOs which demonstrate a similar ability of rehabilitation and thereby we are the Best rehabilitation centre in Haryana.  This, therefore, marks the distinction between acute care and rehabilitation, where acute care is concerned only and only with an individual’s survival, however, with rehabilitation, the inclination flips to the concerns with the education and training of individuals to be able to carry out activities of daily living by themselves, which in turns promotes automatically put the individual into a mode of self-care and functional independence.

Despite this there is currently no single definition to make a dent in the understanding of rehabilitation, thereby opening a plethora of options for people to take a peek and address rehabilitation and its associated facilities with anything but rehabilitation. Umang Foundation with its flagship Best rehabilitation centre in Haryana advertises the perfection in detail about the treatment specifics which are not only practical but also the impeccable guidelines performed majorly to catch and absorb the plethora of facilities available with the Umang foundation.

Rehabilitation centres are portrayed as the many ways of depending upon the establishment context set above, including as a development issue, disability issue, health issue, human rights issue, substance abuse issue, and security issue, to name a few. As such, there is a broad range of definitions for rehabilitation used by different authorities but that’s not what we are going to dive into for our references here.

How Umang Foundation with its Best rehabilitation centre in Haryana comes to your rescue –

Rehabilitation centres are aggressively expensive and it is beyond the capacity of the majority of institutions to provide a decent scope of services needed for the cure of an individual being referred to stay in rehabilitation for over a period of time. With Umang Foundation’s Best rehabilitation centre in Haryana. The scope of services is spread over counselling sessions, De-addiction treatments, therapies and detox treatments. This is the reason why we are the best in the market. The multiple types of therapies that are there are all utilized to catch up with the patient’s treatment. We encourage more of you to spread the required awareness.

Rehabilitation centres are super rich with technologically advanced and approved techniques which in many ways enthuse and assure the patient that the treatment is being done through scientifically approved methods. We have showcased ourselves as the best De-addiction centre in India. The De-addiction program involves the treatments done within our facilities that properly diagnose and work upon the patients that are done through various therapies. Umang foundation with its flagship Best rehabilitation centre in Haryana provides you with a customized treatment plan and allows you post-treatment benefits that solidify our commitment to the patient for a lifetime.

How you can do it yourself – Home detox?

Home detox implies safely withdrawing a dependent drinker from alcohol without admission to an inpatient unit. Detox in the community, as compared to an inpatient unit,  is cheaper, has better drinking outcomes and has good acceptability. Often, the patient finds it difficult to ask for help due to the cultural stigma around being branded an ‘alcoholic’.For the same reason, the use of motivational interviewing techniques and a non-judgemental approach are essential. Patients can either keep a drink diary on paper or an alcohol tracker phone app. This will not only increase their awareness of how much they are drinking but can also prove helpful in reducing their daily intake. Patients can refer to online alcohol counselling to become more mindful and to decrease their reliance on alcohol as a coping mechanism.

During the process of detoxification, it is imperative that patients eat small and frequent meals, if possible. Melatonin can be used for sleep disturbance. Plenty of fluids including sweet drinks such as tea or decaffeinated coffee can act as substitutes and shouldn’t be more frequently preferred. Protein-rich foods such as fish, dairy products and vegetables are important along with a multivitamin. Home detox is proven to be safe, successful and cost-effective. The patient’s centred, confidential and discreet location of general practice makes it extremely accessible and provides a safe and non-judgmental environment for the patients to overcome their abysmal status quo.