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Cocaine has become a major problem in India, especially among the elite class of people where it has become a status symbol. Cocaine is highly addictive and a form of recreational drug available in India as either a white crystalline powder or even sometimes as a white chunky substance. Cocaine is known to affect the nervous system directly and results in an unusually high state of euphoria and ecstasy. More and more young people and corporate workers are succumbing to cocaine use, and the majority of them are addicted to the drug while unaware of its negative effects. Due to the fact that cocaine is a stimulant, it makes your heart beat more quickly and causes your blood vessels to tighten, which can cause high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes. Because cocaine consumption causes heart attacks in young addicts without a history of heart disease so frequently, emergency department doctors or cocaine addiction centre Patiala are instructed to think of it as one of the initial diagnoses.


Cardiac arrests are frequently caused by cocaine. Cocaine causes one’s heart to beat more quickly, sometimes to the point where it stops. The particularly lethal aspect of cocaine is that there is no connection between the quantity or frequency of usage and the likelihood of experiencing a cardiac arrest. Some users pass away right away. Other users of cocaine who have used it hundreds of times continue to live but pass away the very next time. Treatment for cocaine addiction can be a difficult and complicated procedure. It is important to address the detrimental effects on the addict’s physical, psychological, social, emotional, and familial aspects of life. The best way to avoid relapse is with a comprehensive strategy. This is where Umang Foundation and its cocaine addiction centre Patiala come into the picture. Providing the best available treatment at the most affordable prices, Umang Foundation helps its patients make a full recovery and instils hope in their patients for a brighter tomorrow.


A multifaceted strategy is necessary for the complex and gradual process of recovering from cocaine addiction which the Umang Foundation truly caters to. Additionally, the condition is quite prone to relapses. Families are destroyed and the addict dies if they are not treated which makes the treatment even more important and necessary. Due to the rising national popularity of cocaine and other drugs, it is crucial to have good addiction therapy. Our mission as the leading cocaine addiction centre Patiala is to help people overcome addiction while also attending to the underlying issues. Additionally, we promise that under the guidance of our skilled staff, people will receive attentive care and ongoing assistance.


The staff at Umang Foundation is skilled in caring for recovering cocaine addicts. Medical professionals hold degrees from renowned universities all over the world. In order to help the patients overcome their cocaine addiction, they will assess their symptoms and offer the most effective treatment. The nurses at Umang Foundation are kind and give each patient their undivided attention. With the assistance of the professionals at the cocaine addiction centre Patiala, several patients were able to overcome their cocaine addiction. According to studies, family participation throughout addiction recovery and treatment greatly boosts the likelihood of maintaining sobriety for the rest of one’s life.


While minor cocaine addiction can be treated in an outpatient setting, severe dependence and addiction require medical detox in the Umang Foundation’s residential cocaine rehab facility. It is also recommended that people who have previously failed at withdrawal seek outpatient medical detox. The patient is provided with seven days a week of 24-hour supervision while enrolled in an inpatient detoxification programme. Qualified medical personnel continuously monitor and treat potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms. The majority of behavioural therapies performed in the cocaine addiction centre Patiala, have shown to be successful in treating cocaine addiction. The sole option that is typically accessible for difficulties with substance addiction is behavioural intervention. The best solution, though, combines pharmaceutical and behavioural therapies.


How Long Does Cocaine Stay In the System?

Three to four hours after ingesting cocaine, most people start to experience its effects. The stimulant will remain detectable in your urine for three to four days if you have just taken it once. It will be detectable 14 days after the last dose for chronic users.


When someone becomes dependent on cocaine, they begin to experience odd physical sensations. Due to their propensity to use it, young people eventually develop addictions that are difficult to break. It can make you lose your appetite, and once you do, you might get sick and even risk your life. Unexpectedly, it has been discovered that consuming doses makes people’s conditions worse, resulting in deteriorating health. People experience exhilaration and pleasure after the initial dose, but over time, this excitement and pleasure start to have a negative impact on the people. Anxiety, hypertension, and restlessness follow this. Someone’s life gets difficult if they abruptly stop using cocaine. They might even pass away. To get help for cocaine addiction, a person severely affected by drug abuse should get in touch with the Best Nasha Mukti Kendra in Patiala provided by none other than Umang Foundation i.e. best cocaine addiction centre in Patiala. The professional drug counsellors and therapists at the premises utilize a variety of techniques to de-addict the patient from drug misuse. Cocaine use will increase a person’s desire for it. If they do not discover it by surprise, they have headaches or find it difficult to concentrate on their daily tasks.


A variety of integrative therapies are started as soon as a patient is admitted to one of our psychiatric nursing homes or cocaine addiction centres here in Patiala, to help them get their minds off of their addictions or mental illnesses. The cocaine addiction centre Patiala has activities that include yoga, laughter therapy, social gatherings, games, regular exercise, and meditation. The patient’s family is informed of how to handle the patient’s issues. An individual can modify their way of thinking, goals, information, skills, and self-esteem with the aid of psycho-social rehabilitation. Due to these modifications, a patient no longer views himself/herself as having the condition that has been identified or as a liability, but rather as a person who may lead a prosperous and fulfilling life to support his/her personal development.