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Drug addiction counselling at Umang foundation is the best pathway for treatment without any high efficacy dosage of medicines. Counselling can help the patient in picking up the health, and even diagnose the symptoms in the initial stages. These counselling can be of several types and we at Umang Foundation hope to bring the best counselling and rehabilitation centre in Chandigarh.

The drug addiction counsellor can aid in the diagnosis of a harmful pattern which may look not severe but in fact, can be the most important abuse substance for the patient. Through the counselling sessions, our medical experts pitch in to bring as much information as possible out of the patient so he can describe his situation well in advance. The drug addiction counsellor can then remediate the situation according to the various case studies pulled in throughout our history of case studies of drug addiction. The rehabilitation centres that we are sanctioned across the country through the government’s accreditation make it furthermore possible for us to not come up with a financial constraint, this in fact acts as an incentive for our faculties to deliver the best in-house rehabilitation treatment to our patients, that is the reason we are amongst the best counselling and rehabilitation centre in Chandigarh.

We, at Umang Foundation, give immense support to our patients psychologically by providing them with the support that needs to be given by their families. However, not all patients receive the same kind of support from their families and we understand the callous nature of the family too. Drug addiction is years of trauma not only for the patient but for the family as well. We are not only listening to what the patient has to say but also actually working on how to understand his problem and work our way around the solution which is customizable.

Umang Foundation rehabilitation program covers an enormous spectrum of treatments that we make our clients go through. The pathways of this rehabilitation could be either through counselling or therapies. Our rehabilitation program is goal driven & focuses on the perfect outcome from a health point of view for the patient, Our medical staff is an expert when it comes to patient health care & diagnosis. The rehabilitation program aims high & includes various vocational outcomes. We not only provide passive care but rather active which enables a healthcare process for the patient to come out of the treatment with a normal life. Umang Foundation provides compelling evidence that we are the best counselling and rehabilitation centre in Chandigarh.

The relapsing prevention counselling that we provide to our patients has been the most practising treatment that our medical health care experts have provided. Relapse prevention is nothing more than the urge of using the same substance again that impacted the health of the individual previously. Umang Foundation has various in-house counselling and rehabilitation centre in Chandigarh which cater to relapse prevention cures. This literally has been the case for 1 out of 3 patients cured in the treatment of drug addiction.

The rehabilitation centres are earmarked with various facilities that monitor and evaluate the condition of the patient throughout the course of medical curation. The facilities in the centre have made us in becoming the best counselling and rehabilitation centre in Chandigarh. Persistent monitoring and evaluation of health symptoms give the assurance to not only the medical staff but also the patient that the medication is being treated through modern technology and techniques.

The evaluation program that we have at Umang foundation to reestablish ourselves as the primary resolver of the drug addiction program has been among the talk of the town and the government has also tabled our efforts into the state assembly. During our course of counselling alike treatments, we reassure our clients to have an impeccable relationship with their patients so that negative thoughts do not impair the counselling sessions. They can also offer advice on creating new and healthy relationships, which is an essential part of a successful recovery process which basically shifts the dynamics of the counselling sessions’ impact on the patient.

Do you still have doubts about our counselling sessions?

Umang Foundation flagship program of counselling and rehabilitation centre in Chandigarh is proven to cure the latest batch of patients that have come to us. The program rests on fundamentals of support and empathy along with modern solutions and techniques to gradually but eventually bring the best outcome. There are several case studies developed over the years on the lines of Umang Foundation treatments which have benefited institutions across the globe. Counselling professionals have always been in demand and the Umang Foundation flagship program of counselling and rehabilitation centre in Chandigarh provides home counselling sessions which have been very productive as the patient sometimes can not be travelling to places or has lost the ability to move. Our professional services are employed at a such fast pace that treatment is provided to a certain patient within predefined timelines which is faster than any government agency’s services. Counselling professionals have a tremendous scope of services to provide cure to patients when our rehabilitation centre are filled with patients and the shortage in the number of beds become the cause of problems. The demand-supply dynamic has tactically been shifted to problem solutions through our home-based counselling session services. These are very cost-effective and apt for a certain population who cannot afford treatment in hospitals and clinics which takes are proven to be very expensive.

The counselling professionals in our foundation have always been associated with providing the best consultations for a speedy recovery through Umang Foundation flagship program of counselling and rehabilitation centre in Chandigarh. We encourage more people to aware of our services, what we offer and at what cost and how much it has immensely affected people in the most powerful and positive manner. The awareness part is where you as the reader would fit in to take forward our objective of freeing India from the reigns of this humongous issue that has surrounded us with drug addiction. Our people are at your service 24/7 and if you need our help, we are just one call away or one message away. Our people will reach back to you, until then let’s cultivate a nature of the true sense of appreciable living.