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Addiction is a sickness of solitude and loneliness. The use of drugs and alcohol on a regular basis disconnects us from the things we love most: friends, family, and our higher selves. To heal, we must reconnect with these lost areas of our lives. So, now that we’re finally clean and sober, the last thing we need is a greater distance from the people we love and the things of our life we formerly enjoyed. What we need is a new chance at life, not further division. That’s where Detox Treatment Centre in Kashmir – Umang Foundation comes in.

We are a relaxing and evidence-based drug and alcohol detox facility in Detox Treatment Centre in Kashmir – Umang Foundation. We can relieve you or a loved one of the physical symptoms of addiction and get you started on the road to recovery. We provide medical detox from drugs and alcohol so that you may safely restart the life you once had, the one you thought was lost forever. Addicts leave Detox Treatment Centre in Kashmir – Umang Foundation healthy, sane, and ready to embark on a lifetime of recovery. Please call us right away if you or someone you care about is suffering from addiction.

How Our Drug and Alcohol Detox Program Works?

Detox, in essence, progressively removes drugs and alcohol from an addicted person’s system. It is a medical procedure that employs several prescription medicines to relieve withdrawal symptoms depending on the substance. These medications are administered on a decreasing schedule by a professionally trained team of doctors and nurses until the patient’s body is fully free of the original misused chemical.

During the detox process, the patient is continuously observed, especially during the first 48 hours or so. The detox team progressively taper the detox medicines until the patient is able to discontinue them entirely. Even after the detox procedure is completed, the patient may continue to take some prescribed medicines. These medications help to moderate urges and lower the chance of relapse.

When Is Our Detox Centre Required?

Unfortunately, only a professionally qualified physician can tell you with certainty when a detox is necessary for a certain patient. Of course, in such cases, it’s best to err on the side of caution and seek medical advice. It’s critical to remember the risks of suddenly discontinuing drug or alcohol usage. If the patient has been using or drinking for an extended length of time, withdrawal symptoms might be lethal.

Even if the symptoms are not life-threatening, they are frequently severe enough that the addict has little chance of quitting without medical assistance. If you or someone you care about has a drinking or drug problem, please contact Detox Treatment Centre in Kashmir – Umang Foundation right now. You and your family are deserving of it. Contact our detox professionals at our solution-focused drug treatment in Detox Treatment Centre in Kashmir – Umang Foundation, now.

Our approach as the best Detox Treatment Centre in Kashmir towards the process of detox
  • THE ADVANTAGES OF ACUPUNCTURE FOR DETOX- Acupuncture can help with withdrawal symptoms as well as persistent pain and discomfort when utilised during detox. These therapies might give a welcome respite from the challenges of detox. Acupuncture can be a beneficial tool for helping people manage the pressures of detox and strive towards recovery.
  • HOLISTIC THERAPIES- We are not your typical detox facility since not all detox clinics are the same. Addicts were punished like criminals in the past before addiction was recognised. We do not impose any lifestyle on our patients because our procedures are up to date, which is why we stand out. We go above and above the call of duty.

Yoga, chiropractic treatments, physical therapy, massage, and acupuncture are among the alternative and holistic therapies available at Detox Treatment Centre in Kashmir – Umang Foundation. Our evidence-based addiction treatment programmes address our patients’ particular medical, mental, social, occupational, and familial requirements.

  • THE ADVANTAGES OF MASSAGE DURING DETOX TREATMENT- Massage is a technique that involves working on muscles and soft tissue to relieve pain, discomfort, and tension. Making the choice to seek therapy can set off a chain reaction of emotions and sentiments ranging from joy to fear. Recovery is challenging and takes both mental and physical effort. This difficult activity might bring up a lot of emotions and grief. Recovery can also result in a great deal of physical strain on the body. Massage is one approach for dealing with the stress of detox, allowing a person to continue with their therapy in a healthy and pleasant manner.
  • USING PHYSICAL THERAPY FOR MEDICAL DETOXIFICATION- Physical therapy might be very beneficial throughout the detox process. Physical discomfort makes recuperation more difficult. When a person is not in agony, they may recognise they need to quit using and self-medicate. When the pain begins, that same individual may be inclined to do anything they can to relieve the misery. Physical therapy serves to alleviate pain and enable patients to live pain-free lives, allowing them to focus on overcoming their addiction.
  • YOGA CAN HELP YOU STAY BALANCED DURING INPATIENT TREATMENT- Yoga is popular for its physical health advantages, and it’s simple to understand why. Others say that the meditation component of the practice helps them stay centred and focused. Yoga is a highly important technique that may benefit people at any point in their lives, but it is especially beneficial during inpatient drug misuse treatment programmes.

Recovery may bring up a range of emotions and physical conditions, and as people strive towards recovery, they must learn how to manage these emotions and suffering. Yoga may provide a person with the tools they need to deal with stress and physical discomfort, and it can be particularly helpful when utilised as a part of a full addiction treatment strategy.

CHIROPRACTIC TREATMENT FOR ADDICTION DETOX RECOVERY is difficult and requires a lot of effort. This rigorous effort can be psychologically taxing as well as physically exhausting. Detox is a dangerous period. Substance dependence is all-consuming, and while everyone’s detox experience is unique, it is often a confusing, nervous, and optimistic period. Detoxification may also be unpleasant, with many people experiencing physical discomfort.