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Umang Foundations’ goal is to support those who want to overcome their drug addiction. Our approach to sobriety removal is really pleasant and painless. We are all aware that drug usage is a bad habit that affects a person’s social life, family, and physical appearance. Drug usage weakens the body, and the person is forced to deal with a number of serious illnesses. We have thus committed to supporting those who want to begin their lives by quitting drugs. At the Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Chandigarh by Umang Foundation, we have a group of knowledgeable and experienced physicians that specialise in the treatment of various drugs kinds. Each patient receives total attention from our whole staff, ensuring that he does not experience isolation or struggle during the challenging process of drug withdrawal.

We continuously work to create a setting where anyone may easily break their drug habit. Additionally, we teach all of our patients how to do yoga since it calms the mind and reduces the need to drink.

The Umang Foundation’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Chandigarh offers a practical route to a suitable drug-free existence if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction. For both addiction and drunkenness, we provide the best addiction treatment programmes. Thousands of people who are dependent on drugs or alcohol have benefited from our assistance. We are a skilled and seasoned group of medical professionals, nurses, counsellors, and other support staff who are experts in their industries and will do all in their power to assist you and help you live a life free from addiction. We also offer comprehensive medical care to patients with a variety of mental diseases, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition, a distinct mental health programme from conventional addiction therapies is offered by Umang Foundation. All addictions, including those to smoking, drugs, alcohol, and other mental illnesses, are treated at our drug and alcohol rehab centre in Chandigarh, which is a specialised treatment centre. We are the largest worldwide addiction treatment facility seeking to enter the industry. The cause will assist any deserving cause with the overriding objective of enhancing society. It will be totally flexible and apolitical. We’ll steer clear of the errors and setbacks that those working in the related field have previously experienced.


Best Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Facility in Chandigarh by Umang Foundation

Umang Foundation is a specialised outpatient rehabilitation facility in Chandigarh. Umang foundation has a significant focus on providing patients with the greatest addiction treatment facilities. They provide a practical, up-to-date, and all-inclusive strategy that is delivered by experts with in-depth knowledge of addiction and intoxication.

Because of our distinctive and inventive approach, we are Chandigarh’s most successful Nasha Mukti Kendra. By treating the causes of addiction, we help people recover from it. We also keep things calm, lovely and welcoming to make it simpler for folks to choose a better path. Above all, our medical care is reasonably priced, enabling everyone in need to make use of it.

We cure addictions

Our drug and alcohol rehab centre in Chandigarh, India, provides top-notch addiction treatment programmes. Through our unique recovery method, we also provide innovative and fruitful therapy for drug and alcohol addiction. In order to achieve long-term recovery, our team is also extremely skilled in treating a variety of addictions or mental health conditions. All types of addiction are treated and counselled by us in our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Chandigarh, including:


  • Alcohol addiction treatment,
  • drug addiction treatment,
  • smoking addiction treatment,
  • gambling addiction treatment,
  • and process addiction treatment is all available.
Programs for Addiction Counseling:

Umang Foundation has also developed a variety of programmes for addiction counselling that are specially designed to assist individuals who are addicted. The following addiction counselling programmes are offered at our Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Chandigarh by Umang Foundation and are described in more depth below.


  • Family counselling;
  • Group counselling;
  • Programs for follow-up or aftercare;
  • Individualized addiction therapy
What part does effective therapy play?

One would look for the best drug and alcohol rehab centre in Chandigarh, such as Umang Foundation, in order to lead a drug-free life. We are aware of your concerns regarding addiction treatment and the challenges you may experience. We are always working to improve the environment and provide all-around support. Additionally, the doctors, therapists, counsellors, and nurses that make up our medical staff have years of experience in the field. After enlisting our help, you will be able to get over your addiction and lead a healthy, happy life. We also think that treatment centres and counselling are just the first steps on the path to recovery.

The biggest challenge here is helping people restore their former selves. Returning to your regular, happy, and healthy way of life is the only way to achieve long-term recovery. As a consequence, we collaborate closely with our patients to help them develop stronger self-esteem. This helps them have better relationships, careers, and social lives. So, go no further than Umang Foundation if you want the same. We would be more than pleased to assist you and your loved ones in beginning a better life here.

Umang Foundation is the ideal place to go if you or a loved one is experiencing the harmful consequences of addiction. We offer our patients the attention and additional medical therapies necessary to keep them free from addiction. Additionally, we are committed to helping people overcome the scourge of drug or alcohol addiction. To create a society free of drugs, we implore all patients to kick their drug addictions. Today’s young have a bad tendency of becoming wasted; we need to educate them all about the dangers of drugs so they don’t use them.

You should visit Umang Foundation if you are having trouble quitting your drug addiction or with your loved one. Our qualified doctors will give it their all. To stop your addictive behaviour, contact us right now.