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Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Kashmir - Umang Foundation

The Umang Foundation’s mission is to assist individuals who desire to break free from drug addiction. Our method of removing drunkenness is incredibly pleasant and painless. We all know that drug use is a harmful habit that has an influence on a person’s physique as well as his social life and family. The body weakens as a result of drug use, and the individual is forced to suffer from a variety of severe ailments. That is why we have promised to assist such folks who wish to restart their lives by overcoming their drug addiction. We have a staff of skilled and experienced doctors at Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Kashmir by Umang Foundation that specialises in treating all types of drugs. Our entire crew takes complete care of each patient so that he does not feel lonely and has no difficulties on the tough road of drug withdrawal.

We constantly strive to create an environment in which anyone may effortlessly kick their drug habit. We also educate all of our patients on how to perform yoga because it helps people adjust their minds, which lessens their urge to drink.

If you or a loved one is battling with addiction, Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Kashmir by Umang Foundation is an effective road to a suitable drug-free life. We provide the most effective addiction treatment programmes for both addiction and intoxication. We have assisted thousands of individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. We are a competent and experienced team of physicians, nurses, counsellors, and other support workers who are all masters in their fields and will do all in their power to help you and make your life free of addiction. We provide complete medical care 24 hours a day, seven days a week for people suffering from various mental illnesses as well.

Furthermore, Umang Foundation provides a unique mental health programme from other addiction therapies. Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Kashmir is a specialised treatment facility that treats all addictions, including smoking, narcotics, alcohol, and other mental diseases. We are the greatest transnational addiction treatment centre looking to join the international market. We at cause will support any genuine cause with the overarching goal of societal improvement. It will be completely apolitical and adaptable. We shall avoid the mistakes and disappointments made in the past by persons operating in the relevant industry.


 Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Kashmir by Umang Foundation

In Kashmir, Umang Foundation is a specialised outpatient rehabilitation centre. With a strong emphasis on delivering the best addiction treatment facilities to patients, Umang foundations provide an effective, contemporary, and comprehensive approach administered by specialists with extensive expertise in the field of intoxication and addiction.

We are the most effective Nasha Mukti Kendra in Kashmir because of our unique and creative approach. We assist people in overcoming addiction by addressing the root reasons. Furthermore, we maintain a peaceful, pleasant, and welcoming environment to make it easier for people to pursue a better route. Above all, our treatment is affordably priced, allowing everyone in need to benefit from it.

Addictions we treat –

In India, our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Kashmir offers world-class addiction treatment programmes. We also provide creative and successful therapy for drug and alcohol addiction through our own recovery technique. Furthermore, our team is very competent in treating various addictions or mental health disorders to ensure long-term recovery. We provide treatment and counselling for all forms of addiction, including –


  • Treatment for Alcohol Addiction
  • Treatment for drug addiction
  • Treatment for smoking addiction
  • Treatment for gambling addiction
  • Treatment for Process Addiction

Programs for Addiction Counselling-

Umang Foundation has also created a number of addiction counselling programmes that are specifically geared to help those who are addicted. In our Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Kashmir by Umang Foundation we provide the following addiction counselling programmes, which are detailed below.


  • Group Counselling
  • Family Counselling
  • Programs for aftercare or follow-up
  • Individualized addiction treatment


What role does good therapy play?


To live a drug-free life, one would seek out the greatest Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Kashmir, such as Umang Foundation. We entirely understand your apprehension about addiction treatment and the difficulties you will face. We are always striving to create a better atmosphere as well as all-around assistance. Furthermore, our medical staff, which consists of physicians, therapists, counsellors, and nurses, has years of expertise in the sector. You will be able to overcome your addiction and live a healthy, happy life after seeking our assistance. We also believe that rehab and counselling are merely the initial steps on the road to recovery. The main problem in this situation is assisting patients in regaining their old selves. The only way to experience long-term healing is to return to your normal, joyful, and healthy lifestyle. As a result, we work closely with our patients to improve their relationships, employment and education, and social lives by assisting in the growth of their self-esteem. So, if you want the best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Kashmir, go no further than Umang Foundation. We are always happy to help you and your loved ones get started on a better life here.


As a result, if you or a loved one is suffering from the negative effects of addiction, Umang Foundation is the best place to go. We provide our patients with care as well as other medical therapy essential to safeguard them from addiction. Furthermore, we are dedicated to assisting folks in breaking free from the scourge of drug or alcohol addiction. We urge all patients to overcome their drug addiction in order to establish a drug-free society. Today’s youth have a poor habit of drunkenness; we need to make them all aware of the negative consequences of drugs so that they stay away from them.

If you are suffering from drug addiction difficulties and want to quit, you should come to Umang Foundation. Our professional physicians will give it their all. Contact us today to break down your addictive behaviour.