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Addiction is a complicated illness that can have a wide range of effects on a person’s life.We at our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Sardulgarh have specialized approaches to treatment that address both the disease’s symptoms and its underlying causes, as well as the effects that substance abuse has on a person’s daily life.


This includes their social skills, mental and physical health, and the consequences they face at work, at home, in school, or with the law. There are many types of therapy to treat addiction at our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Sardulgarh.


Factors to keep in mind before joining the Nasha Mukti Kendra in Sardulgarh 


A substance use disorder can be brought on by a wide range of factors, both positive and negative, that contribute to its onset. Some examples include:


  1. Genetics, like a history of substance abuse in the family,
  2. Begin to use it at a young age.
  3. Easy access to that substance, especially when young.
  4. Exposure to a lot of advertising for that substance.
  5. A current diagnosis of mental illness.
  6. Lack of parental supervision.
  7. A history of neglect or abuse.
  8. Conflict or violence in the family


The fundamental reasons behind the development of addiction can be discussed, coping mechanisms can be developed, and healing can begin through therapy, counseling, rehab, and other treatment methods.


The path to recovery from addiction can be different for each person because addiction affects everyone differently. Fortunately, a wide range of specialized rehab options and treatment programs are available to meet the specific requirements of each individual.


Types and Levels of treatment at our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Sardulgarh


To achieve long-term recovery, you or a loved one may require one level of care or multiple levels, depending on the severity of the addiction. The following treatments are offered at our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Sardulgarh include:


  • Detoxification: A medically supervised detox program will assist the patient in stabilizing themselves and overcoming the signs and symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal. These programs can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks. The patient may require an inpatient program after stabilization.


  • Inpatient and residential rehab: In order to overcome addiction, inpatient and residential rehab programs provide patients with live-in treatment and structured care plans. Outpatient rehab may follow these programs, which can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Patients may receive 24-hour supervision from a licensed professional, depending on the program.


  • Intensive outpatient care or outpatient rehab: patients in outpatient programs do not need to be present at the facility or live there to attend therapy and receive treatment. A substance abuse treatment at our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Sardulgarh,holds regular meetings. There are other programs as well  at night and on weekends, including personal, family,or group therapy that prevent addiction and help in faster recovery.


Is your loved one stuck into the trap of addiction? Call our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Sardulgarh today and we will help you to the best.