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Drug addiction worsens in shahbad best nasha mukti kendra in shahbad & rehabilitation centre in shahbad can get your happiness back.

Shahbad has become a hub of drugs. A recent study has revealed that Shahbad Haryana has 600,000 people involved in drug-related issues which are approximately 4.6 per cent of the population of the Union Territory. 90 per cent of these drug users are in the age group of 17-33 years. In recent years, the number of drug abusers has increased by many folds in the UT. There is a change in the pattern of drugs used as well. The Haryana insurgency has impacted every family and individual in the Valley. People have lost close kin or are survivors of blasts and gun battles. Here, one such case happened in Shahbad where a schoolgirl was arrested in a drug case while going to school. This has also brought attention to the need for best  nasha mukti kendra in shahbad & rehabilitation center in shahbad which can help people get out of the addiction trap and live a fulfilling life. With the best support, people can easily take this life-enhancing decision of de-addiction and make their lives better.

However in Shahbad, Vikramjeet Singh and Rubal Sharma, residents of Shahbad, who police claimed to be the suppliers of the drugs, were arrested from Talab Tilo area here, whereas the kingpin of the racket, Yashjeet, a resident of Damtaal in Himachal Pradesh, was arrested from Lakhanpur along Shahbad-Punjab border, police said. Police, after busting the racket, claimed that some high-profile individuals and the children from some well-to-do families are consumers of the drugs, but said to treat them as “victims”.

Followed by this, Shahbad Police arrested a drug peddler with 36 kg of Charas under the jurisdiction of Police Station Nagrota. Giving details of arrest and recovery, SSP Shahbad Chandan Kohli said that a Naka was established near Ban Toll Plaza by a team of Police Station Nagrota led by SDPO Nagrota Pardeep Kumar along with SHO Nagrota Inspector Vishav Partap Singh in the area under their jurisdiction. The cases of peddling become the most common ones in Shahbad. People from International Borders are running this business in a huge way which leads to the destruction of health.

Here, the importance of best nasha mukti kendra in shahbad & rehabilitation center in shahbad cannot be ever denied as they provide an environment and treatment necessary for people to seek effective treatment and better chances of recovery from addiction. Also, when we talk about addiction, it can never be clearly said that the recovery process is easy. But there is one thing that we can know for sure, it is possible to get rid of addiction if you approach it correctly.

In a recent report from Shahbad, a Female drug trafficker was arrested from Shahbad. Arrested from the posh locality of Shastri Nagar in the heart of Shahbad city, the female drug trafficker, who is a native of the border district of Rajouri, was in touch with the handlers sitting in Pakistan. The handler sitting across the border sent her location through WhatsApp and asked to drop the consignment of narcotics in the same location in the Shastri Nagar area of Shahbad city.

It will not be wrong to say that the 21st century has blessed us with high technology, but at the same time has even created evils in the society best  nasha mukti kendra in shahbad & rehabilitation center in shahbad is the solution by Umang Foundation. One of the major concerns that our new generation is facing is drug addiction. The drug addiction treatment centre in Shahbad along with Punjab, Patiala, Chandigarh and Amritsar are occupied with addicts who are suffering day and night due to addiction to drugs. The regular intake of drugs has made people physically and mentally weak. It has slowly made the nervous system of the addict fail, making him a slave to drugs. Looking at the present situation in Shahbad, many foundations are working towards the betterment of such youngsters who have become drug addicts.

By seeing and observing the present situations and environment there is a need for best  nasha mukti kendra in shahbad & rehabilitation center in shahbad i.e. Umang Foundation which will provide support and medications to those people who are addicted to various addiction substances. In best  nasha mukti kendra in shahbad & rehabilitation center in shahbad, we will provide all necessary treatments to the addicted ones which will help them to cure fast and will be stable too. In our effort to help people recover from addiction, we understand that majority of people believe that addicts have a choice, but because addiction is a chronic condition, they actually need professional help. Here it is important to know that drug addiction has an influence on families in addition to the drug user.

Dr Mohammed Muzzafar Khan, who specialized in drug de-addiction in a recent interview said that “Earlier, we used to see boys aged 18 and above (addicted to drugs) but now there are cases of 12 and 13-year-olds and the nature of drug abuse has changed as well. Earlier, it was charas or medicinal opioids but now heroin is replacing them.” Khan has informed that the drug menace has spread across Shahbad & Haryana including both the rich and the poor and that earlier they required de-addiction centres whereas now they need a medical emergency facility because cases of heroin overdose were being seen unlike before.

There are lots of such cases in Shahbad and also in other states and cities in India. Drug addiction has become one of the most common topics for Indians. It is generally observed that people with addiction mostly ignore and avoid such Nasha Mukti Kendra but they are not realizing the fact and benefits they will get from it. Mental illness, body issues, organ failure, skin disease and many such disorders are there to affect an individual’s life. To become free from such disorders it is very much necessary to get into a best nasha mukti kendra in shahbad & rehabilitation center in shahbad like Umang Foundation for a stable and good life.

There are a lot of individuals who have overcome their addiction and freed themselves from substance use with the right support and help from the best nasha mukti kendra in shahbad & rehabilitation centre in shahbad. Likewise, you will also be able to get through this difficult phase when you have the right individuals who are experienced and skilled to address this condition properly and help with the treatment process. And, once you reach the destination, a best nasha mukti kendra in shahbad & rehabilitation center in shahbad will always help you move your body and mind on the right track with proper treatment, care and support.