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What is addiction relapse? How we overcome this at Best nasha mukti kendra in shahzadpur & rehabilitation centre in shahzadpur?

In India substances use has become quite common among different social groups. This has led to loss of life and loss of productivity. Every day we witness new case regarding addiction or addiction relapse so it is very important to prevent the relapse during the addiction treatment.

According to an observation in a year 284 clients were admitted back to the Best nasha mukti kendra in shahzadpur & rehabilitation centre in shahzadpur because of relapse. This data was collected after interviewing the client and after conducting their clinical examination.  Therefore, it is very important to prevent the relapse at early stage. There are many reasons which lead to addiction like illiteracy, unemployment, curiosity, peer pressure, mental health disorders or longer duration of a abuse.


What is addiction relapse?

Relapse is an occurrence of the past event or condition. An addiction relapse means when a person gets backs to using drugs or alcohol after completing dear rehabilitation journey. This relapse can occur with the small ship of alcohol or using a drug one time. It is very important to control yourself to avoid the condition of a relapse.


Trigger points which lead to relapse


It is very important to understand what triggers you to relapse. The very first step to prevent the relapse is to understand what triggers you.

Here are some triggers mention below that you need to consider and talk about with your therapist your therapist.


  1. The number one reason for a relapse is stress. Many people struggle with addiction when they are not able to cope up with the surrounding. In such a situation one look for momentary pleasure which addictive substances like drug and alcohol offers. Yes, you cannot eliminate everyone and everything from your life so you need to start avoiding situation which causes extreme stress. The very first step is evaluate the stress you are experiencing at the moment and then, try to eliminate it from your


  1. The next thing is the people or places that connect you to the addictive behaviour. After coming back from the rehab centre if you meet people who encourage you to participate in addictive behaviour, stay away from them.


  1. You need to keep reminding yourself that it is very important to handle your feelings and control your addictive behaviour. If you are an alcoholic and a group of drinking friends ask you to go out try to be more responsible and avoid it. Try to stay with people who are more productive and positive.


If you are a teenager, you are more vulnerable so be careful and have a look at your choice. Try to practice healthy activities like running, seeing a movie, going to a gym, having the dinner or reading a book. You don’t keep yourself productive or prepare yourself for the situation they are high chances that you will be vulnerable to a relapse.


  1. People who struggle with addiction have a great issue in managing the negative thought process on daily basis. Remember that alcohol and drugs are temporary relief and you cannot rely on them for forever. You need to face your negative feelings and challenge your emotions. The more control you will have on your emotions the better opportunities will come in your life. In our Best nasha mukti kendra in shahzadpur & rehabilitation centre in shahzadpur you will be taught how to control and face your emotions. Try to meditate on regular basis. You can also practice prayers daily to kill your negative thoughts. Indulge in activity or with people who make you feel positive.


  1. Remember that once you are back from a Best nasha mukti kendra in shahzadpur & rehabilitation centre in shahzadpur there are high chances for getting triggered. So, you need to avoid such situations in early stage. If you are someone who was addicted to smoking try to avoid watching people smoking. This will help you to control your urge at the initial stage. Try to indulge in substitute behaviours like taking yoga classes, going for long walks, or taking long walks or cycling.


  1. Happy moments like birthdays parties or anniversary’s can also trigger you. So, it is very important for you to control and stay confident. People who have struggle with addiction lose this capacity to know when to stop. Therefore, even one drink can lead to a relapse.


So, it is better to have someone who can help you in such situation. Be with someone who you can trust and who can help you to avoid your relapse.


Relapse treatment at our Best nasha mukti kendra in shahzadpur & rehabilitation centre in shahzadpur

It is always good idea to recognise your triggers and get a professional help. We at our Best nasha mukti kendra in shahzadpur & rehabilitation centre in shahzadpur ensure that the patient gets the right care and treatment. Along with the addiction treatment we also focus over relapse therapy sessions which are quite crucial for someone who is recovering.

The real test is when the person gets back to the normal life with same surroundings and same people. In such situation it is very difficult to control your urge. So, to help you stay motivated and focus during this stage of life we make sure that you get the right professional help. We have highly trained and experienced professionals’ counsellors and therapist who are ready to help you at any out of the day. They help you with the effective techniques to control your urge and prevent the relapse.

Remember that it is you who need to stay focus build a network and use all the useful tools and techniques to prevent the relapse.

Do everything which is required to protect yourself and don’t quit. Your family and friends need you so you need to stay focus in the right direction that you have choose in for yourself. Remember that continuous therapy sessions and support will help you to stay strong and motivated.